Links to Alton Brown on this Site

Tomorrow, February 10, 2012, the long-running series of instructional videos about foodstuffs and cooking cable-cast on Food Network created and sustained by Alton Brown and his creative staff of specialists will transmit the last episode in the series.

Entitled "Turn on the Dark", it will spend an hour (43 minutes in fact) on dark chocolate. So good to eat and so good for you, amazingly.

In honor of this talented teacher and erstwhile cook, we offer these links on our site.
  • Meat loaf adapted from AB's recipe.
  • Potato Cake is aided by AB's insider hint on how to grate potatoes.
  • Buffalo Drums, a meaty adaptation of ABs no-fry approach to Buffalo Wings.
  • The hard way to make mashed potatoes, riced. DrDaddy uses the ricer now to make a very nice egg salad. Quick!
  • Abbrevs. on the website include GBD, Golden, [Alton] Brown, and Delicious.