Friday, January 30, 2015

Ingredient: Chicken Stock Concentrate

Many dishes call for the addition of chicken stock, and so a convenient source of ready-to-use stock is handy. This recipe exploits the retail availability of 'Better Than Bouillon', a thick paste that is diluted to make usable stock. While easy to keep on hand in the refrigerator, the product is not easy to measure or to dissolve, especially in small quantities. This recipe solves the problem by turning the solid concentrate into an easily measured liquid concentrate. Measuring the paste with a digital scale greatly simplifies the process. A fine quality balance with 1 g sensitivity and 5 kg capacity can be purchased on eBay for less than $10, including shipping. Every kitchen should have one, especially if a family member has special dietary needs, such as diabetes.
1 oz (28 g) chicken concentrate (Better than Bouillon™, Reduced Sodium)
1 c (250 g) water
Place a small saucepan on the scale and tare it. 'Tare' means to zero out the weight of the container. Weigh in 28 g of concentrate. Using two teaspoons makes it easy to dispense the concentrate accurately. Add the water, and heat to boiling with occasional stirring until the paste is dispersed. Alternatively, a plastic or glass microwavable container can be used. Pour the hot concentrate into a sanitized glass jar or bottle. Store cold, tightly sealed. To use, shake well, and mix one part of stock with three parts of hot water. Makes one quart (liter) of stock. Variation: Substitute beef- or seafood-flavored concentrate.

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