Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hint: Shock the Grounds to Make Better Coffee

Chemex Brewer (Public Domain)
Recorded December 9, 2015. About 50 years ago, DrDaddy and MrsDaddy brewed their morning coffee using a Chemex brewer. This brewer joins a filter holder and a flask into a single piece of Pyrex, with a collar of maple lashed at the neck with a genuine rawhide lace. Both 'green' and cool. Took paper filters, like in the lab. The recipe that was advocated for this manual drip system was to first 'shock' the dry grounds with very hot water and then, after a delay, continue to add hot water to the funnel as the brew passed through the bed of coffee grounds. The method produced a very good product, especially using whole beans purchased at the newly-opened roaster, across the street from the Pike Place Market. We were among the very first customers at Starbucks and we had our own blend. The method is easy to apply using an automatic drip coffeemaker and a microwave.
33 oz (1 L) spring water
6 T ground coffee, drip grind
Measure the water into the carafe. Pour about 6 ounces (ca 1.5 dl) of that into a microwave-safe vessel, such as a plastic measuring cup, and heat to boiling. Transfer the remaining water to the coffeemaker, and after 30 seconds, start the brewing.

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