Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chopped Chicken Liver

This dish has been prepared in DrDaddy’s family for four generations for special holidays. Use schmaltz (rendered chicken fat) to conform with Kosher law. This recipe was transcribed Jan 1, 2014 based on phone conversations with sister Phyllis Pliskow, describing how mother Dorothy Magid and grandmother Rose Raphael Samuels prepared it.
1 lb chicken livers, trimmed of membranes and fat, rinsed, and patted dry
7 c yellow onions, peeled, halved and sliced longitudinally through the poles
2 sticks butter (or 1 c rendered chicken fat)
5 hard-boiled eggs, shelled and cooled
Lawry’s™ Seasoned Salt
freshly-ground black pepper
granulated garlic
In a large skillet over medium heat melt 1 stick butter or 1/2 c schmaltz. Add 5 cups onions to the hot fat. Season well and slowly cook until nicely caramelized, about 1 hour. Set aside to cool. While the onions are caramelizing, in another skillet, melt the other stick of butter or schmaltz, add 2 cups of onions, and fry slowly until soft and lightly colored. Add the prepared livers, season well, and fry slowly until cooked but not hard. Discard the onions used to flavor the chicken livers. Set livers aside to cool. Set up a meat grinder, and process some of the caramelized onions through the grinder into a large bowl, then process some of the livers, and then an egg. Repeat until all the ingredients have been ground except reserve one egg for garnish. Fold the liver, onion, egg together gently, and correct the seasoning. Press flat and top with the reserved chopped egg as a garnish. Chill before serving with crackers or bread.

Nut Butter Sandwich on French Toast

 Created January 2, 2014. Another tasty way to eat more nuts.
1 oz peanut butter
1 oz ground toasted walnuts
1/2 T maple syrup
1 t vegetable oil
1 large slice Easy French Toast, cut in half
Add the peanut butter and walnuts to a small bowl, and soften in the microwave. Stir in the syrup, and heat until bubbling in the microwave, about 1 minute. Carefully set aside to cool; the filling will be hot. In a nonstick skillet, reheat the French toast in vegetable oil until crisp on both sides. Spread the nut mixture between the French toast slices. Serve with knife and fork. Serves one but is easily doubled.