Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Hit or Miss. Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, Durham, NC.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant
3003 Guess Rd
Durham NC 27705


By Laura, originally published in TripAdvisor.com. Visited August, 2013. 
As a Durham resident, I have frequently dined or had take-out from the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant on Guess Road. I love going for Dim Sum, but recently have often found service spotty. At times the servers are accommodating and others, like the last visit, borderline rude. Perhaps it was the steady stream of customers that made their morning difficult, but I wish they hadn’t taken it out on us.
On a recent Friday night we decided on a simple meal of Shrimp Egg Foo Young and some Stir-fried Baby Greens. Normally these are both dishes that we enjoy, but our last meal was memorable in a completely negative way. The only shrimp that I had were the few that I picked up from the bottom of the takeout container – the sauce was watery and too sweet. Our greens were properly cooked with the exception of raw chunks of garlic that had to be picked out to make the dish palatable.
What used to be a favorite is moving lower on our list. They used to be the best Chinese restaurant in town – now I am trying to find who else is out there…