Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Roasted Vegetables II

Prepared October 19, 2012. Accompanied grill-roasted turkey breast and mashed potatoes and gravy. A Family Favorite.
1 large sweet onion
1 large red sweet pepper
2 large portobello mushroom caps
about 1/4 c olive oil
1 t dark sesame oil
1 T balsamic vinegar
2 to 3 T soy sauce
1/4 t garlic powder

1/2 t sugar
1/2 t smoked paprika (optional) 
1/4 t ground black pepper
Preheat a toaster oven to 425 degrees F (218 C). Peel the onion and cut into 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) thick slices parallel to the equator, and separate into rings. Remove the seeds and membranes from the pepper and cut into 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) by 1 inch (2.5 cm) strips. Remove the stems, wipe the outside of the caps with a moist cloth, and slice the mushrooms into 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) wide strps. Place the vegetables in an 8 X 8-inch (20 X 20 cm) metal baking pan. Drizzle on the olive oil and toss the vegetables with tongs. Add the other seasonings and toss until well-coated. Roast uncovered for 30 minutes. Toss, and return to the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes, until the vegetables are nicely colored and tender. Serves 4 to 6.