Friday, February 5, 2010

Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, and Buttered Toast

Along with a juice glass of V-8, this is a typical breakfast for me, a maturity-onset diabetic. I dedicate this "recipe" to my beautiful, sweet-natured, and earnest young doctor MB, MD, from her manifestly favorite patient.
2 eggs
1 T light cream
pinch of salt
healthy grind of pepper
1 t butter
2 rashers of "low-fat" toaster-oven bacon
1 slice Arnold's™ Country-Style White
1 t low-fat soft margarine
Whisk the eggs, seasonings, and cream until frothy. Heat the butter until a bit brown in an 8 inch skillet. Add the egg mixture, and scramble lightly. When done but soft, plate as shown with a slice of hot "buttered" toast and crispy bacon. Coffee and juice of course.