Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mezze Platter

Recorded August 10, 2011. A very satisfying, Mediterranean summer meal can be put together with minimal effort from ready-to-eat items offered in a large supermarket's deli bar. The only dishes that DrDaddy personally prepares are tabouli, zsatziki, and pita points. The others are chosen from the dozens available.
On the table, for example:
marinated mushrooms
feta cheese chunks
feta cheese cubes and ripe olives marinated in olive oil
pita points
oil-cured ripe olives
stuffed green olives
pequillo peppers
roasted pepper relish
marinated artichoke hearts
dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)
fava bean salad
garbanzo bean salad
marinated cippolini onions
To make service and cleanup easy, one can present the foods in the plastic containers you brought them home in. Proletariat luxury! For more formal presentation, arrange the foods directly on fresh lettuce leaves or in small bowls and dishes.