Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ingredient: Infants' Gas Relief Drops

Cooks may encounter troublesome foams as they boil foods. Preserves, chutneys, gravies, and the like often threaten to foam up and boil over during cooking. 
Long ago this problem was solved in the food industry by using materials which broke the bubbles by lowering the surface tension of the liquid. In the early 1960s food-safe silicone oils were applied to this problem. Dow Antifoam A was the first product in the class. [DrDaddy's daddy worked in Midland where Dow is based.] 
DOW Antifoam A is a smooth mixture of silicone oil with water (an emulsion). A few drops dramatically stops product foaming. A similar product is now available to cooks in drug stores. It relieves infants suffering from colic. [DrDaddy's first born suffered from colic for 150 straight days.] If it's safe enough for infants, it must safe for the rest of us.