Sunday, July 31, 2016

Easy Mojito for One

Developed July, 2016. This tall, refreshing cocktail was first mixed in Cuba, where it remains popular. In the original recipe, raw white rum, cane syrup, and yerba buena (apple mint) were used. This recipe is an easy-to-make update using familiar ingredients.
4 to 6 fresh spearmint or yerba buena leaves
1-1/2  oz rum, white or dark
1/2 oz bottled or fresh key lime juice
1-1/2 oz simple syrup
club soda
Place mint and rum together in bottom of tall glass. With a wooden muddler, bruise but don’t tear the mint leaves . Add the lime juice, syrup, and fill with ice. Top with club soda, and stir. Garnish with mint leaves or a lime twist.