Monday, April 30, 2012

Hint: Freezing Abundant Tomatoes

Recorded April 30, 2012. Circumstances can sometimes provide ripe tomatoes in excess of one's immediate needs. This method preserves most of the nutritional and culinary value with a minimum of effort.
ripe tomatoes (cherry, grape, or globe)
pint-sized (500 ml) plastic freezer bags with zipper closures
Rinse and dry tomatoes. Cut away any blemished areas. On a sanitized plastic cutting board, dice a few tomatoes, and then chop coarsely with a chef's knife. Transfer the chopped tomatoes, including juice and seeds, to a large measuring cup. Continue until all of the tomatoes have been diced and chopped. Fill each bag with 8 oz (250 ml) chopped tomato. Exclude as much air as possible as bag is closed. Lie each bag down flat in metal baking dish, pre-chilled in the freezer. When the dish is full of bags, return to the freezer, until frozen solidly. Use whenever a sauce, stew, soup, or dip would benefit from addition of fresh-frozen tomato product.