Monday, November 17, 2014

Quick Peanut-Maple Topping

Add more nuts to your diet this tasty way. A great topping, at breakfast, over pancakes or waffles, or dessert over ice cream or crêpes. First prepared November, 2014. We use a small stoneware server to make this. It heats quickly and holds the heat. Total carbohydrates = 19.5 grams per serving.
1 T (15 ml) maple syrup
2 T (30 ml) peanut butter
1 t (5 ml) butter
Combine ingredients in a small, microwaveable container such as a ceramic vessel. Some peanut butters benefit from a pinch of salt. Heat on high power for 15 seconds. Stir to combine well. Heat cautiously to serving temperature. Low water recipes such as this heat very quickly in the microwave. Serves one.