Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toaster Oven Tuna Melt, Jersey Diner Style

Tuna Melt in Toaster Pan

Prepared January 20, 2013 for a late-night Sunday supper. Adapted from an online recipe. This dish begs the question of whether an open-face dish can be a Sandwich. The Earl of Which asks of that, 'Who cares?'
2 slices Jewish-style rye bread (Arnold's™ is good)
2 oz Swiss cheese, thinly sliced
6 oz tuna salad
2 oz ripe tomato, sliced
2 oz grated sharp cheddar
Preheat the toaster oven on the broil setting. Place the bread on a pan, place the pan as far below the element as possible, and toast until the bread is nicely browned. Place slices of Swiss cheese on the hot bread, pile on the tuna salad, the tomato slices, and top with the grated cheddar, and return to the oven. Continue broiling for about 5 minutes longer, until cheddar is melted, bubbling, and browned. Serves 2.

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