Friday, November 3, 2023

Review: Looking for a Legit Seafood Supper near the Wright Memorial on the Outer Banks?

 We recently spent a few days in late Autumn at a favorite spot on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On our last night, we sought a restaurant, not too expensive, that served locally sourced seafood. We got lucky! 

I found a great spot with a touristy name (I Got Your Crabs) but a legit local "dive". For starters, my son Jon and I shared a dozen freshly-shucked fried oysters (the owner fishes for oysters). Hot, crispy, and juicy from the deep fryer, within moments of placing our order. They met the Platonic ideal! 

Then, Yes, they did have soft shell crab! My order came as 6 large, perfectly cooked crabs, an ear of sugar-sweet corn, and to drink, a can of the local Pilsner. Jon chose a flounder sandwich and waffle fries. A sizeable meal. Fresh fish, but frozen fries. He really liked it. Washed down with a bottomless fountain Coke. The tab: $72, including a 20% tip and the tourist tax. I came home with 3 crab and an ear of corn.

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